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ars poetica of Marcali Kiss Melitta

Melitta Kiss Marcali was born on the Christmas Eve of 1966 in Keszthely. She completed her studies in Budapest and Szeged, and is a member of the countrywide Union of Hungarian Creative Artists. Currently Melitta lives in Érd and Münich.
She considers her father, József Marcali Kiss painter and graphic artist, as her master. She travel throughout of Europe on study journeys - which have provided a great portion of her themes.
This is her own testimony about her art:
I am striving to visualize the society with a human face, the human world with the soul of Christ and what is above it. One of my series, Gothic Cathedrals, speaks through its majestic shapes and color, telling about the nobility of man and his relationship woven with the unknown. The never-ending attempt to meet with God.

I highlight the harmonic rhythm of the buildings, the colors playing on the stained-glass windows. As they aim towards the sky they float without foundations on my paintings, dissolving in the light.

The central theme of my painting is time, timelessness, to be more exact. What concern me are eternal human characteristics, emotions and relationships. As death separates two people yet their spirituality is united forever - that is how the olive trees are joined together with their branches and roots. Trees tormented by thousands of years, falling apart, yet wanting to live. I marvel at their energy, perserverance, patience that radiates almost maternal love. They uphold an example to us, people blessed with a short time on earth, yet with knowledge to elevate above inhumanness.
Performance draws me the same way as the cyclical changes of nature that create order in our souls.
Nudes in my painting are not about erotica, they speak about the undivisable link between man and nature - bodies clothed in the colors of months and times of day almost dissolve into the landscape around them.

If I painted a view, it would create distinct shapes. My goal is rather to express clear ideas.
I received a spiritual heritage from my father and mother that directed me to the world of arts: a desire to give others a sense of harmony with themselves and with our world. In every human and natural creation I seek love, peace and wisdom - and what else does humanity need the most nowadays?