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ars poetica von Marcali Kiss József

All of you do not know what is most important about me and neither do I about you."

If I mark a point on a clean, blank sheet of paper, the next line will be related to this point - it has a meaning. The drawing carries information in every case. The point is the beginning, the birth, the line describes the process of developement. Obviously, it is not about manual ability but intellectual activity. I am more inspired by thought than view. Most of all, I am interested in human beings, I wish to comprehend and decipher them from the secret of birth through the battles of life to the mistery of passing away. In other words, I concentrate on the constant features, imprint, emotional storms of the humans. This is why I am not obsessed with fashion, vagary, but I am attracted by human creatures who can kill for entertainment and die for life with all their wickedness, touching goodness, eternal contradictions, versatility, completeness.